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Ouvrages (books)

  • Les conduites à risque à l'adolescence. Repérer, prévenir et prendre en charge. Dunod (2011).
    ("Risk-taking at adolescence: Locate, prevent and deal with")
  • Réussir son mémoire en psychologie. De Boeck (2010).
    ("How to successfully complete your dissertation in psychology. Development and drafting").


Pour me contacter pour un projet de recherche ou des collaborations, n'hésitez pas (please feel free to contact me for a research project or to consider collaboration) and +33(0) 2 18 37 05 98 (CRIAVS Centre Val de Loire)

Address 1: University of Tours, Department of Psychologie, 3 rue des Tanneurs, F-37041 Tours Cedex 1 (France)

Address 2: CHRU de Tours (University Hospital of Tours) /
CRIAVS « Centre Val de Loire », F-37044 Tours cedex 9 (France)
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Direction de thèses (supervisor of doctoral thesis)

Thèmes de recherche (research areas)

Processus psychopathologiques, vulnérabilités individuelles, facteurs de risque et de protection des conduites de l'adulte dans des situations traduisant des difficultés d'adaptation :
  • Devenir adulte : conduites à risque, addictions, sexualité à risque
  • Relations interpersonnelles : violence, violences sexuelles, violences conjugales, harcèlement
  • Parcours de vie, environnement aversif, ajustement face à la maladie : personnalité, résilience, santé psychologique et qualité de vie
Ces thématiques peuvent relever du champ de la psychologie clinique, de la psychologie de la santé ou de la psychologie et psychiatrie légale.

Psychopathological processes, individual vulnerabilities, risk and protective factors of the behavior of adults reflecting difficulty adapting to change:

  • Becoming an adult: risk behaviors, addictions, risky sexual behavior
  • Interpersonal relationships: violence, sexual abuse, domestic violence, harassment
  • Life history, adverse environment, coping with illness: personality, resilience, psychological health and quality of life
These themes come within the scope of clinical psychology, the psychology of health, or forensic psychiatry and psychology.

Équipe de recherche (Research team) :

QualisPsy : EE 1901 'Qualité de vie et santé psychologique' (Quality of life and mental health) (RNSR : 201923473L)

Director Evelyne Fouquereau / Deputy Director Christian Reveillere

Qualipsy (EE 1901) 'Quality of life and mental health'), Tours University
It is a new research team (an emergent team) led by Pr. Evelyne Fouquereau and Pr. Christian Réveillère and hosted in the faculty of the "Arts and Human Sciences " (Department of Psychology).
QualiPsy is a research team focused on quality of life and psychological health at adulthood. It is focused on the analysis of (i) psychological determinants (individual, group, organizational and environmental) and (ii) mechanisms and consequences (individual, group and organizational) of the alteration vs. optimization of the quality of life and psychological health in the adult population, both in general and in specific life contexts (e.g., work, illness, vulnerable situations). Research is carried under occupational psychology, clinical and pathological psychology. It is characterized by the plurality of theoretical and methodological approaches (quantitative, qualitative or quasi-experimental). The goals of most of the studies realized by Qualipsy researchers are to innovate or improve the current intervention systems on human health.